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Girls Pew Too


Fully customizable Ring for her best shot

"Don't tread on me" Cross Pendant


 Very Highly Detailed Cross. With a Full spectrum 3d Rattlesnake wrapping around the cross. With the 


Down the reverse side, this is the real deal.

 Available in Two sizes

The Kracken


The Best Kracken ring on the market. Complete detail from start to finish on this one.

The Pathfinder


A Very high detailed Compass Pendant. Sure to go anywhere with you on your Journeys.

The Bullets


The Most interesting things on the Market.

9mm,.45 and .50 rounds reloaded.

The Day Of The Dead



Solid .925 Sterling silver made to your length. High quality and heavy links. perfect gift or daily wear.

"The Dual"


 Are Tribute to the Great Dueling President, Andrew Jackson 

"The 50"


Made in Solid .925 Sterling Silver. This heavy duty ring is one of a kind. With the "50" on it resembling  the American Currency and president Grant.

C Note


 Made in Solid .925 Sterling Silver. This heavy duty ring is one of a kind. With the "100" on it resembling  the American Great Benjamin  Franklin  

The Apocalypse


Made in .925 and heavy, Looks great on the finger.

Our Story


Everyone has always had that American Dream, If you haven't, you will. Our American Dream is coming true. We have always wanted to make something different, something unique, and of coarse and always American Made!!!

No cut corners, and no cheating. If it cant be done at a reasonable price to our customers, and made on American soil, it wont be. That is a Guarantee. You can feel at ease that anything you purchase from American Sons will be just that. From our jewelry items to American picked Cotton and poly in our shirts.

    Like we said were just some American Boys that have been in the industry for over 35 combined years. And we know what you expect, and we wont accept anything less.

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